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New Mutants TV Spot Drops – Will it ever be released?

New Mutants has certainly had a troubled journey to the Big Screen (or any screen for that matter!), but the latest TV spot seems to confirm that it will arrive in cinemas on August 28th.

Common thought seems to be that it will rock up on Disney+ the same day, though this is rumour at the moment with nothing confirmed.

I’ve always liked the look of this movie, as it explores a darker, almost horror-esque corner of the Marvel Universe.  However, it has always been up against it, given it was produced and financed by 20th Century Fox, before the Disney/Marvel takeover.

Hrre’s the TV spot, I’ll certainly look forward to checking it out!

The Directors Cut you didn’t know you needed – The Reynolds Cut of Green Lantern…

A man who will never miss an opportunity to make fun of himself is Ryan Reynolds.  You kids may not know this (as Reynolds himself usually buries it…) but before he brought Wade Wilson to the Big Screen, he was Hal Jordan is DC’s 2011 adaptation of Green Lantern.  In this writer’s honest opinion, it’s a better movie that you remember.  It has some excellent casting, great world building and some genuinely great moments.  It also suffers from weak villains however, and that does bring it down.

Well, Reynolds has released his own 30 second cut of the movie, and I’m sure we’d love to see some more, especially his addition of Tom Cruise….

Check it out!