The Directors Cut you didn’t know you needed – The Reynolds Cut of Green Lantern…

A man who will never miss an opportunity to make fun of himself is Ryan Reynolds.  You kids may not know this (as Reynolds himself usually buries it…) but before he brought Wade Wilson to the Big Screen, he was Hal Jordan is DC’s 2011 adaptation of Green Lantern.  In this writer’s honest opinion, it’s a better movie that you remember.  It has some excellent casting, great world building and some genuinely great moments.  It also suffers from weak villains however, and that does bring it down.

Well, Reynolds has released his own 30 second cut of the movie, and I’m sure we’d love to see some more, especially his addition of Tom Cruise….

Check it out!

Cover Price – A Coffee & Heroes Promise…..

It's Sunday evening before the New Releases due for the 5th August, and I felt I had something to say... This week, a one shot title - Dark Nights Death Metal: Legends of the Dark Knights - is due for release.  The first in a series of one shots tying into Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's wonderfully bonkers DC Prestige series.  We have 24 people in store who want all of these one shots for v... Read More

Judge Dredd Potential Movie / TV Update…

A while back, it looked like a Mega City One TV show was on the way.  Rumours and industry gossip suggested Karl Urban would reprise his role as Judge Dredd following the well received 2012 movie, though it would be in a limited capacity and the series would follow an anthology format, focusing on different characters and different parts of Mega City One.

Urban himself (who by the wa... Read More