Rorschach – Tom King explains why 2020 is extremely relevant for the Watchmen Stalwart….

It's no secret that we are big fans of Tom King's work at Coffee & Heroes.  Whether it was his Batman run, his defining Vision run at Marvel, his take on Mister Miracle or the ongoing Strange Adventures, there's no denying that his work is among the most interesting and heavily discussed in Modern Comics.  And not content with his achievements thus far, he is now taking on one of the Holy G... Read More

The Dark Knight originally planned an origin for The Joker?

The most recent 'Comic Con@Home' event has proven a goldmine for fans, with tonnes of tales of 'what could have been', planned sequels that never happened and alternate takes on established properties.

One of the panels that caught my eye involved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Co-Writer David S. Goyer.  He was questioned at length about his involvement in the Batman movies, an al... Read More