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Alan Taylor

Alan has been an avid Comic Reader ever since Batman Begins hit the Big Screen and a friend said to him 'You know this was based on a famous comic book, right? - Said friend proceeded to hand him Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, and the rest is history! Alan definitely has a preference for all things DC, but ever since opening Coffee & Heroes in 2017, he has read more Marvel in the last three years than he ever had before. As well as the Big Two, Alan loves all things Indie in the comic world, with a few of his favourite titles being Deadly Class, Preacher, Y: The Last Man, Saga and Scalped. But if you need a recommendation for anything Batman, Alan is your guy!

James Oliver

James is a local film reviewer who reached out expressing an interest in providing content for the store. He's appeared alongside Alan in several of the comic book film related podcasts. Since then he's wrote film previews for a locally distributed magazine and continues to put out film reviews via his own channel, as well as contribute to another Belfast based film firm - Banterflix. He's currently en route to his 500th film review, an achievement he's extremely proud of. Famous quotes include blasting Mission Impossible for having "too many spies" and calling Slenderman "the worst film he's ever seen" yet rated it 5/10

Roddy McCance

Roddy is a European comic book writer from Northern Ireland. His work has been featured in Markosia, FutureQuake Press and Gray Haven Comics along with independent anthologies like Spiders & Stardust: A Tribute to David Bowie. He runs Fracture Press and under that small press banner here in Ireland and the UK he has released three titles, Tales of The Fractured Mind, Tales of Fractured Worlds, The Soul Of The Sea and The Burning Memory. In 2018 he was the recipient of a prestigious John Hewitt Society Bursary. In 2020 his debut mini-series is scheduled for release for Source Point Press called Sirius along with his debut novel The Foreverlands from Level Up Publishing. He believes in the power of music to change a bad day into a good one.

Keith Millar

Keith is a life-long comic reader, adopting the Web-Slinger as a favourite & a role model with the Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon in the early 80’s, cutting his comic-book teeth on Marvel Comics seminal 1984 limited series, Secret Wars, and hasn’t looked back since. Working in the music industry, Keith moved from NI’s north coast to Belfast in 2017 and found Coffee & Heroes before even finding somewhere to live. Since then he has been happily cultivating his inner geek as a silky-toned co-host of the Coffee & Heroes Podcast and the walking Marvel encyclopaedia of the C&H community since then.

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