Blue & Gold #1 Review

(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Ryan Sook

  • An excellent first issue for two of DC’s more under-utilised characters – Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.
  • Coming from the team of writer Dan Jurgens and artist Ryan Sook, it’s no surprise this is a witty first issue and that it looks absolutely gorgeous.
  • Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) is semi retired after the chastening experience of the recent Suicide Squad run when he was mistaken for the big bad guy, and some health issues.
  • Michael Carter (Booster Gold) is the ultimate opportunist superhero and has fully embraced social media and  broadcasts live streams of all his battles, though they don’t always go the way he would hope! But as the issue opens, he may be the Justice Leagues last hope…
  • But he’s gonna need to get the band back together and seeks out Ted to join him on his quest as the Blue Beetle…
  • There’s just something pleasingly old school about this title. Good old fashioned four colour adventures with a buddy cop dynamic, daring adventures and last minute escapes. All framed by the constant social media reactions to the action on the page.
  • Great start to a very promising miniseries.

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