Reviews Time! We’re back to weekly reviews, and what a week to kick us off! Join Alan, Keith and Roddy as they go through the releases from the 7th October 2020. Spoilers aplenty of course as they deep dive into their favourite titles. Make sure to check out the time stamps below if you want to skip any titles you haven’t picked up yet!

Hope you guys enjoy, please do spread the word and feel free to like and subscribe! Now onto those trusty Time Stamps –

0m – Intro and General chit chat

Picks of the Week

22m – Alan – Batman #100
33m – Roddy – Transformers / Back to the Future #1
45m35m – Keith – American Ronin #1

Honorable Mentions

1hr00m45s – DC
1hr07m50s – Marvel
1hr22m04s – Indie

NEW FEATURE! – Dandering with the Dead #1 – 1hr44m30s

1hr54m23s – Titles we’re looking forward to on 21st October

Published on October 22, 2020 by Alan Taylor

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