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  • Nightveil and She-Cat are finally back, and the Femforce is full strength as things heat up on the West Coast- but will it be enough to stop Wampyr? Plus, back-up features starring Synn, The Black Phantom in the past, Stormy Tempest in the far-flung future, and Ms. Victory spanning multiple eras.

  • Renegade surfaces, and the resolution to one long-running mystery leads to another, as new revelations bring the true history of the Femforce universe into clearer focus. Ms. Victory averts disaster on the high seas, Tara has a solo adventure on Jungle Island, and She-Cat goes to prison!

  • More ‘family secrets’ unfold for Ms. Victory and Nightveil as hidden enemies plot against them. Stardust spends a night out, and the rest of the Femforce fights alongside both Gammazon Housewife and Fighting Yank! Plus a retro tale from Tara’s college days and Blue Bulleteer battling mobsters.

  • Stardust is duped by her nemesis Proxima in a story from her Rurian days, while She-Cat faces a new menace at Mardi Gras; Nightveil angsts about the villainous Wampyr and Ms. Victory meets an old threat. Plus, a Pyrogirl solo tale by Will Meugniot and Rock Baker. The late, great Eduardo Barreto was working on this issue before his untimely passing late in 2011. Unfortunately, he was not able to complete an intended interior story for the book, but he did contribute the book’s spectacular color cover!

Showing all 4 results


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