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Alex Konat

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  • (W) Scott Lobdell (A) Eric Battle

    They are taking over? From the innovative mind of acclaimed movie producer Gale Anne Hurd, and written by superstar writer and visionary Scott Lobdell, comes this summer’s biggest blockbuster new series – THE SCOURGE! All hell breaks loose on the island of Manhattan as NYPD Swat Officer Jon Griffin attempts to subdue his now-transformed friend before he is able to wreak more havoc on the innocents of the city.

    However, Griffin’s worst nightmare is realized when he sees just how widespread the epidemic, which turns people into gargoyle-like creatures is, and one thing’s for sure-Times Square will never be the same again! Featuring the astounding artwork of series artist Eric Battle, and colors by Jorge Fares, THE SCOURGE #2 is set to infect the comic book community like never before!

    Alex Konat Variant Cover

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