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  • (W) Richard Dinnick (A) Jose Holder (CA) Andy Clarke

    Sally Hazzard just had the worst day of her life: While on a usual shift as a driver for the tube, the unthinkable happened when a man is pushed in front of her train and killed.

    But…there’s something strange here. Sally swears the man was pushed but her supervisors, witnesses and the cc tv footage all show the man falling on his own. Sally cannot let this go, and her investigation into the murder introduces her to an MI-6 agent named Edward Tarn also curious about the so-called accident.

    Together, Sally and Ed discover an off-world explanation for the assassination, plus an alien invasion and the craziest plot twist of all: an interplanetary travel system buried deep beneath the London Underground!

    Written by Richard Dinnick (Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor, Thunderbirds are Go!, Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger) and drawn by Jose Holder (X-Men: Apocalypse, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Rainbow Six Siege).

  • (W) Rob Blackie, Peter Blackie (A) Daniel Maine (CA) Andy Clarke


    1.) No person or Clan may exit the system.
    2.) No person or Clan may do the Designated Work of another Clan.
    3.) Clans may not merge.
    4.) Any person that breaks a Primary Law shall be made Outcast.

    On the far side of the galaxy, an isolated branch of humanity is trapped in a feudal dystopia. Oder is maintained by a system of oppression, until an orphaned girl and her incorrigible adoptive father sow the seeds of a revolution and unite the clans against a fearsome alien threat.

    From Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie (creators and writers of Netflix’s historical action-adventure series, Frontier) and artist Daniel Maine comes this vast and enthralling sci-fi adventure.

  • Shogun’s inner battle with his own demons has come to a full tilt, and only Fang can help set him straight again. Not only for his soul, but for the safety of his teammates. But what’s in it for Fang? While Shogun’s been battling, Lady Deathstrike has been falling in love… but with which side of his personality? Sharp or Ogun? Fantomelle and Culpepper’s mission comes to an end, and the buyer is revealed… but what happens when the buyer gets more (and less!) than they paid for?

  • Victor Creed has slowly changed over the course of the past few months… from his shift in AXIS to joining the team of WOLVERINES, he’s actually GROWN as an individual. So how does he use his new outlook on life to steal a pirate ship?! Sharp and Ogun now battle it out for complete domination of body and soul… while Fantomelle and Culpepper’s mission takes them even deeper into a mission they hadn’t planned for.

  • – The team from Paradise and the Wolverines team up for the Assault on Mr. Sinister and his snowy fortress but what surprises lay in store when they figure out the front door is actually the easiest way in? – Sinister has more than plans for Logan’s body in his lair…but how are the Amazing X-Men involved in his plans for destruction and perfection? – Special appearance by Fing Fang Boom!

  • Everyone’s blood is on the line in a desperate battle to defend Fantomelle from a nightmarish monster–and even if the Wolverines can save her, they’re going to have to figure out a way to keep her around! The linchpin of their plan has a mind of her own, and that’s a real problem?

  • A ‘DEATH OF THE FAMILY’ tie-in! – What has The Joker done with The Penguin? – Guest-starring Poison Ivy and Clayface! – Plus: In the backup story, learn the secret way to make it as a super criminal in Gotham City.


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