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Arthur Adams

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  • (W) Arvid Nelson (A) Carlos Rafael (CA) Arthur Adams

    Writer: Arvid Nelson
    Penciller/Inker: Carlos Rafael
    Covers: Arthur Adams (1/4), Paul Renaud (1/4), Joe Jusko (1/4), Al Garza (1/4)
    The Mars-shattering conclusion of Colossus of Mars! Dejah Thoris has rallied the free Martian kingdoms to fight the Jeddak of Yorn, who has merged body and mind with a horrific war colossus of the ancients. If Dejah and her allies can’t stop Yorn, he will complete his bloody holocaust of the green Martian hordes. All hope lies in Yorn’s son, Valian, who has joined the rebels. His knowledge of the inner workings of the Colossus are the only chance they have of smashing Yorn. But Yorn has a spy among the allies… An epic duel in the skies and the emergence of an unexpected hero await you in Dejah Thoris #5: Colossus of Mars, part 5 of 5!

  • (W) Cody Ziglar (A) Mike Dowling (CA) Arthur Adams

    • The aftershocks of the Morbius incident are still fresh in Ben Reilly’s mind, and he’s faced with KRAVEN THE HUNTER!
    •  A corporate-sponsored Spider-Man is more than Kraven can bear, and the hunter is going to test his prey like never before. The trap is
    set, and the bait is ready. Now it’s just time to wait and watch.
    RATED T+

  • TRUST NO ONE. NOT EVEN YOURSELF. – One hero goes rogue. Another loses his head. – Dr. Strange and the Punisher team up for a daring raid. – And all trails now lead to one suspect. – But he… how is that even possible?

    Variant Arthur Adams Interlocking Battle Cover

Showing all 3 results


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