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Christina Blanch

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  • (W) Garrett Gunn, Christina Blanch (A/CA) Kit Wallis

    Enter: The Demon Dogs!
    In the aftermath of the The Farm attack, Flint lends a hand to the victims of the desecrated sanctuary. Abraham reveals the identity of the mystery attacker, and the Demon Dogs prepare for their return to war, once more.

  • (W) Garrett Gunn, Christina Blanch (A/CA) Kit Wallis

    With revenge in his rearview mirror, Flint heads for The Farm; a peaceful community for
    retired and deactivated Guild members. But his dreams are short-lived when he finds the
    facility in rubble after an attack by a mysterious canine named Tucker who will stop at
    NOTHING to repay a decades old vengeful debt

  • Set in a world where humans and dogs are equals, Good Boy is a thrill-packed treat for anyone who loves action, dogs, and good stories.

    Flint Sparks and his human Jon, both former mercenaries, have settled down in quiet retirement from an industry where the job is supposed to be forever. But, unlike anyone before, they found a way out.

    However, this new life, filled with peace and joy, is not to be. In the dead of night, some of their former “colleagues”, who disagree with their decision to retire, break into their home and murder Jon, leaving Flint alive in the bloody aftermath.

    That was their FIRST mistake.

    But don’t worry – they haven’t seen anything yet!

Showing all 3 results


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