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Craig Rousseau

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  • (W) Mike Mignola, Thomas Sniegoski (A) Craig Rousseau (CA) Matt Smith

    Stranded on a strange island after a mishap on their way to a South American dig site, Hellboy and Professor Bruttenholm are confronted by all manner of monsters! But even when the stranger who rescues them turns out to be one of Hellboy’s heroes, they aren’t as safe as they think they are!

    Join Hellboy creator Mike Mignola as he teams with writer Tom Sniegoski, artist Craig Rousseau, and colorist Dave Stewart to bring you a tale of Hellboy’s childhood!

  • Written by BEN McCOOL Pencils & Cover by CRAIG ROUSSEAU

    Witness the cosmic conclusion of Captain America’s most epic challenge yet! Marvel’s man out of time has met his match in the omnipotent Michael Korvac, a freak of science from the future. Yesterday and tomorrow are on a collision course but will any of it matter in the shadow of GALACTUS THE WORLD DEVOURER?!!??

  • Written by BEN McCOOL Pencils & Cover by CRAIG ROUSSEAU

    Bad enough Captain America is a hero from the 1940s trapped in today’s world?now he’s a FUGITIVE trapped in the 30th century! Can the mysterious Korvac figure out a way to get Cap back home, or is the Star-Spangled Avenger forever on the run from a future gone mad!?


    It’s the event that every high school girl waits for? but this ‘dance’ takes place on the battlefield! Janet and Namora take on Moonstone with the fate of Jenny Walters hanging in the balance! Is it truly too late for Jenny to live a normal life? And is she dragging Janet and Namora down with her?

    Plus what does the mysterious Madeline Joyce have to do with all this? Janet never wanted to hide her super powers, but now it’s time to see if she can stand the heat of the spotlight!

  • Special guest student Damian Wayne drops by the academy – and he is not pleased to meet his new classmates!

    Variant Craig Rousseau The Joker 75th Anniversary Cover

Showing all 5 results


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