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  • As ‘TRINITY WAR’ erupts and battle lines are drawn, Pandora finds herself standing alone against The Secret Society of Super-Villains!

  • “Three Million Days”

    A Prequel to “Trinity War”

    The mysterious woman connected to the creation of the New 52 gets her own series! Pandora is on an action-packed, blood-soaked mission to hunt down the horrors she inadvertently unleashed upon the world. Can she save the DCU-and redeem herself in the process? A prequel to the upcoming ‘Trinity War’!

    O: Pandora (DC)

    Regular Ryan Sook Cover

  • (W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) Salvador Larroca (CA) Inhyuk Lee

    •  Epsilon Station is overrun with danger, not all of it from Xenomorphs!
    •  Cruz holds mission information back from his soldiers, but he’s not the only one with secrets.
    •  We are not who we say we are.
    Parental Advisory

  • “Warworld Rising” starts here!

    A new chapter in Superman’s life begins as the challenges of Dark Nights: Death Metal are causing Clark Kent to feel…a change in his powers. Is it possible the Metropolis Marvel could be losing a step? His struggles in taking down the creatures from the Breach would suggest as much! If he’s going to continue to protect the people of Earth, he’ll have to adapt – especially with threats like Mongul out there waiting to launch their biggest attacks on the Earth yet. That’s right, those are Warworld battleships just outside our orbit, and they are heading straight for us! Meanwhile, in the Midnighter backup story, the bad boy of the Authority has to figure out what Andrej Trojan is up to in the present if he ever wants to get back to Future State and swap places with the Midnighter of 2021, whom he left stranded on Warworld.

  • When Jackson Hyde accepted the mantle of Aquaman, he didn’t expect to also have to mentor Andy Curry, Arthur and Mera’s teen daughter. Nor did he expect that he and Andy would get sucked into the Confluence – an interdimensional nexus that connects distant planets and galaxies through the One Great Ocean. And he certainly didn’t expect to lose Andy in the process of trying to find their way back home. Now Jackson’s not sure how long he’s been stuck in a prison on Neptune (five years?) or how many times he’s tried to escape (200 at least!). But today Jackson saw something in the water that gave him hope for the first time in a long time – and his captors have no idea what he’s got in store for them.

    Regular Daniel Sampere Cover


    Eclipso is triumphant! He has defeated the world’s greatest heroes, destroyed the moon and spit in the face of the greatest forces the universe. But one JLAer still stands. Can she make things right?

  • – Barbara Gordon must deal with the fallout from ‘DEATH OF THE FAMILY’ in this issue that will forever change her status quo in The New 52! – What does James Gordon Jr. have planned for his sister, Batgirl?

  • – ‘DEATH OF THE FAMILY’ continues here! – In this issue you are invited to the wedding of Barbara Gordon and The Joker! – The entire Gordon family is on hand for the most terrifying nuptials of all time!

  • – A ‘DEATH OF THE FAMILY’ tie-in! – With so many funerals planned, The Joker decides it’s time for a wedding! – Barbara’s first confrontation with The Joker since he shot her is coming to a horrifying conclusion!

  • – A ‘DEATH OF THE FAMILY’ tie-in as Barbara tries to save her family from a fate much worse than death! – Has Batgirl come this far just to fall victim once again to The Joker?

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