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George Kambadais

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  • (W) Wesley Snipes, Keith Arem, Adam Lawson (A) Eskivo (CA) George Kambadais

    Cover by George Kambadais (DC’s The Flash, Dynamite’s Gargoyles).
    WESLEY SNIPES (The producer and star of the Blade franchise) presents his original
    series, THE EXILED, a genre-bending Sci-Fi Noir described as “Seven meets Blade
    Roach’s world is flipped upside down when he’s betrayed by the police force he works
    for. His life is mysteriously spared by the Killer he is chasing and, on the other end of a
    gun, learns of a silent war between humans and criminal aliens that have been exiled to

  • (W) Shobo (A/CA) George Kambadais

    Toba and his friends have split up. He’s entered the Elseverse in search of his father, while the rest of the group works to take down the mind-control device threatening all of Buckhead.

    But that’s not all they’ll have to contend with… as an ancient power once thought defeated is freed from the Elseverse, spelling almost certain doom for them all!

    Experience the epic conclusion to this incredible adventure as the mystery of the Eben sword is finally revealed.

  • (W) Shobo (A/CA) George Kambadais

    What strange secrets lie in the mysterious town of Buckhead, USA?
    Toba and his mother, a renowned scientist, have just immigrated to the US. But instead of living in the Big City like Toba always dreamed, they’ve moved to a sleepy little town in the Pacific Northwest called BUCKHEAD.
    In the middle of the picturesque and pedestrian town, Toba discovers that things aren’t as perfect as they seem…
    Toba and his newfound friends find a strange video game, a perfect replica of the town and its people. Soon Toba is on the run from men in black, with his friends brainwashed by microchips.
    An astonishing new series from Shobo Coker (Outcasts of Jupiter) and George Kambadais (The Black Ghost) perfect for fans of Eve and Home Sick Pilots!

Showing all 3 results


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