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Giorgia Sposito

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  • (W) Danny Lore (A/CA) Giorgia Sposito

    What is the Lunar Room, and how can it give Sin her werewolf-side back?
    Zero has put a tempting offer on Sin’s plate, one that might give her back everything she’s lost. But it is also going to put Sin and Zero in the middle of a lot of powerful, greedy people.
    ALSO: meet the newest addition to Gloria’s criminal empire, as Angie shows them the ropes…because the list of DON’Ts in Solar City is a mile long.


    Phoebe and Coop stand before the Court of Love, awaiting judgment for Coop’s actions. Piper and Leo approach the Elders for help with the Prue dilemma. Paige and Henry find themselves contemplating a future apart. Ben and Kyra join together to help Prue descend into the Demonic Wasteland for answers. Yeah, none of this is going to go well.

Showing all 2 results


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