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Harvey Tolibao

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  • (W) Christopher Sebela (A) Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons (CA) Jenny Frison

    Ghost has recovered all of her memories as Elisa Cameron, but instead of this making things easier, it just highlights the differences between who she was and what she has become. Can Elisa be the Ghost and still retain her humanity? Or will Ghost run out of control?
    •   The beginning of a hard-hitting new arc!

    “Loaded with mystery and drama, set against a fantastically large supernatural backdrop.”-Comic Vine

    “Highly recommended.” -Unleash the Fanboy

    “Ups the stakes and doubles the danger . . . strongly recommended.” -Front Towards Gamer

  • (W) Erica J Heflin (A) Vincenzo Riccardi (CA) Harvey Tolibao

    The finale of RENAISSANCE
    The Surgeon, a broken man corrupted by the wickedness of Wonderland, makes his final stand against Earth. Tasked with bringing him down, Calie once again will straddle the line between Wonderland and Earth… madness and sanity. When all is said and done, will the White Queen fall to an insanity that could never be quelled?


    The exciting conclusion to this SECOND COMING Tie-In Series! While the future of mutantkind is in the balance back on Earth, a small team of X-Men fight the demons of Limbo for the fate of their teammate Magik. But with one of their own corrupted by the dimension’s dark influence and another of their number undergoing a change of heart, will Magik be able to emerge unscathed? One thing’s for sure: after this, things will never be the same!

  • ‘EXOGENOUS’ Conclusion! – ‘Arrow’ executive producer Marc Guggenheim wraps up his run on this critically acclaimed arc of X-MEN! – Time is running out as the X-Men race to save the Earth from the alien monstrosities that have emerged from the depths of space! – But will Rachel Grey forsake her teammates to get revenge on those responsible for the death of her family? Rated T+

Showing all 4 results


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