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  • (W) Ed Brubaker (A) Muntsa Vicente (A/CA) Marcos Martin

    This LCSD release presents the first issue of the genre-defying, post-YA masterpiece from award-winning creators ED BRUBAKER (RECKLESS, FRIEND OF THE DEVIL, PULP, KILL OR BE KILLED) and MARCOS MARTIN (THE PRIVATE EYE, Daredevil).

    Friday Fitzhugh spent her childhood solving crimes and digging up occult secrets with her best friend Lancelot Jones, the smartest boy in the world. But that was the past. Now she’s in college, starting a new life on her own – or so she thought. When Friday comes home for the holidays, she’s immediately pulled back into Lance’s orbit and finds that something very strange and dangerous is happening in their little New England town…

    This is literally the Christmas vacation from Hell, and they may not survive to see the New Year.

  • Written by MARK WAID Pencils & Cover by MARCOS MARTIN


    Matt Murdock begins his new career–one that will expose Daredevil to crime and evil in a whole new way! If you thought the odds were against Matt as a trial lawyer, you won’t believe the challenges his new job brings–and what they’ll do to his private life!

  • – Secrets from the future and the past come to haunt Uncanny X-Force! – What does Fantomex want from Betsy? – What does Betsy want from Cluster? – What does Cluster want from Fantomex? – What does Bishop want from the 21st century? A body count or a good burger? – And Los Angeles, lock up your humans: there’s a new mutant on the loose!

Showing all 3 results


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