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  • WOLVERINE RACES FOR A CURE! •  The strange alien disease is spreading quickly and scientists are no closer   to a cure than they were when the spaceship crash-landed… •  With a population rapidly falling to the illness, Laura will have to turn to former allies and new friends to save the day… Rated T+

  • – Scott and Corsair are stranded on an alien planet with no hope of rescue – The indigenous species are none too happy with them – Not that they’re very happy with each other, either — what bargains will need to be struck to get either or both of then out alive?

  • Written by FRED VAN LENTE Pencils & Cover by TOM GRUMMETT

    CHAOS WAR tie-in!

    This is it! The last stand of Earth’s Mightiest Fallen Heroes, the ‘late’ Avengers against the combined might of Grim Reaper, Nekra, and the war machines of the Chaos King. They’ll learn the hard way: EVEN THE DEAD CAN DIE! The Vision makes his last stab at humanity! Will Dr. Druid be seduced again by Nekra’s charms? Will Captain Mar-Vell sacrifice all for his comrades? The Swordsman makes his final choice between heroism and villainy! All this and the most poignant ending of the year!

Showing all 3 results


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