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The Rahzzah

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  • “THE ULTRON AGENDA” continues! Chapter 2: Compatible PartsIs Tony Stark dead? Is he alive? Who can tell? Whatever he is, he IS Iron Man. And he’s all that’s standing in the way of Ultron Pym and everyone that Tony Stark loves. Or loved. Because Tony might be dead. 2020 is coming. The robot revolution has begun. So suit up, fleshbags. Suit up or die.

    Variant Rahzzah Mary Jane Cover

  • (W) J. Michael Straczynski (A) C. P. Smith (CA) Rahzzah

    Stemming from the pages of the hit series, The Resistance, The Resistance: Reborns explores the origins of the newly superpowered humans after a global disaster leaves hundreds of millions dead in its wake, causing a few thousand to suddenly manifest superhuman powers. This special collection explores the origins of five characters in this new universe of heroes and villains including The Mad, the Dangerous, The Hidden, The Lost, and The Transcendent. Writer J. Michael Straczynski (Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man) returns to the world of The Resistance, this time joined by artist C.P. Smith (Archangel 8).

  • (W) Victor Gischler (A) Niko Walter (CA) Rahzzah

    A weekend getaway on a resort planet goes south when four friends run afoul of the planet’s working class. Stranded in the wilderness of a strange planet, surrounded by danger on all sides and relentlessly pursued by vengeful locals, they must test their bonds of friendship in order to survive.

  • (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Nelson Blake Iii (CA) Rahzzah

    When two young siblings excitedly unwrap their final Christmas presents, they discover toy robots unlike anything they have ever seen. And with good reason. What the kids and their parents don’t know is that their quaint suburban home just became the beachhead for these self-aware ‘bots that have begun to explore the outside world. And when one of the ‘bots breaks bad, it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to stop him.

  • (W) Tony Trov, Johnny Zito (A) The Rahzzah

    Class warfare and a massive fire on the roof tops of 1950’s New York continues and exiled Russian princess, Moon Girl, is helpless against the chaos! Her only hope is Doctor Benjamin Pierce – but his skin-crawling life story will reveal a disturbing secret history of the golden age of America!

  • (W) Tony Trov, Johnny Zito (A) The Rahzzah

    Inspired by Moon Girl’s crusade against evil; average citizens transform themselves into heroes and take to the streets, targeting an evil oppressor that threatens all of mankind. An epic wave of violence washes over the city and nothing will ever be the same again. Will Moon Girl be forced to watch helplessly as Manhattan burns?

Showing all 6 results


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