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  • (W) Tini Howard, Blake Howard, Jim Zub, Tim Seeley, Danny Lore (A) Julius Ohta (CA) Aaron Campbell

    A World of Darkness Event!
    Cecily Bain has become everything she never wanted as The Prince of the Twin Cities. But her rule over a fractured, backbiting vampire court is interrupted by an intruder-something big, hairy and full of teeth. Good. She was missing a good scrape.
    There’s worse living in the shadows than vampires. Rip open the doors to the World of Darkness as RPG-comic-king Jim Zub joins the writing team that brought you Vampire: The Masquerade, Winter’s Teeth for this oversized issue events series!

  • (W) Tini Howard, Blake Howard, Jim Zub, Tim Seeley, Danny Lore (A) Julius Ohta (CA) Aaron Campbell

    “The chilling conclusion of World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw! The immortal enmity between the Kindred and the Garou comes to a head on the streets of the Twin Cities! With a place sacred to both sides hanging in the balance, the distinction between “ally” and “enemy” has become unclear, and the machinations of unseen evil lurk everywhere within the World of Darkness.”

  • The former Robins launch into action after the assault at Dick Grayson’s apartment. Not wanting to turn to Batman for help, the five former wonders start to investigate on their own by digging deep into their pasts. But what is their assailant’s connection to the Robin name, and why are they coming after the ex-sidekicks?

    Regular Baldemar Rivas Cover

  • Betrayed by Skeletor and fearing the power Darkseid gained in his attack on Castle Grayskull, Superman takes up arms with his old compatriots. But will their combined might be enough to win a battle against a foe armed with the Anti-Life Equation?

  • It’s the day no one saw coming when Harley Quinn finds herself the protector of Gotham City, repelling a brutal assault from the super-villain threat of [REDACTED].

    Regular Tony S Daniel & Sandu Florea Cover

    (Justice League vs Suicide Squad Tie-In)

  • (W) Andrea Shea, Scott Snyder, Greg Rucka, Tim Seeley (A) Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend, Neil Edwards, Scott Hanna, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, J. H. Williams, Javi Fernandez

    This issue includes two new stories:
    “Law of the Jungle,” a 16-page story written by Michael Gray with art by Ryan Benjamin and Richard Friend
    Batman is hot on the trail of a series of murders in Brazil, where government officials and various captains of industry have been mysteriously murdered by their own bodyguards. As the Dark Knight starts assembling the pieces of the puzzle, he notices the thing all these victims have in common is a connection to the logging industry, a penchant for bribes…and Poison Ivy!
    “Lifelines,” an eight-page story written by Andrea Shea with art by Neil Edwards and Scott Hanna
    Duke Thomas, a.k.a. the Signal, trained under Batman to become Gotham City’s daytime protector. But his responsibilities as a superhero have vastly outweighed his responsibilities at home, and Duke becomes painfully aware of this fact when he learns the member of the Xiqu gang who stabbed him is none other than his childhood friend Danny Wong.

    o New cover by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira

    Plus, these reprint tales:

    o “Trust Fall,” from BATMAN #2
    o “Elegy Part One,” from DETECTIVE COMICS #854
    o “Better than Batman Part 1

  • In the Louisiana Bayou, the murderous ghost of Victor Crowley is maiming tourists in creatively horrible ways. But in his blind murderous rampage, he may have created something worse than himself! Now, Cassie and Vlad are back in New Orleans, and it won’t be long before baseball bat meets hatchet and deformed mutant meets deformed mutant!

    Tim Seeley Cover

  • (W) Tim Seeley (A/CA) Freddie Williams II

    Welcome to the high fantasy world of Tangea! A land where wizards and warriors battle
    dragons in dark dank dungeons! Where thieves pillage ancient ruins and priests answer the au-dible words of their great gods!

    Welcome to Chicago, Illinois! Where the magical items from Tangea are being traded on the black market and are messing everything up.

    Now, a group of Tangea adventurers must go undercover in our modern world to stop artifacts and monsters from falling into the wrong hands. But how will they fare in a world without
    wizards and warriors? A world without heroes?

    From Tim Seeley (DARK RED, BRILLIANT TRASH) and Freddie E. Williams II (HeMan/Thundercats, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) comes BEQUEST, a real-world fantasy tale.

  • (W) Joshua Williamson, Tim Seeley (A) Emilio Laiso (CA) Tim Seeley (A/CA) Mike Henderson

    Cassie Hack vs. the Nailbiter! Vlad vs. the Lucha Eliminador! IT’S ON!
    Two brand spanking new tales of terror by the creative teams of both Image hits!
    TIM SEELEY returns to the character he created to give you a nasty blast from the past. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to read these two horrific comics, now is your chance!

  • (W) Tim Seeley (A) Marc Laming (CA) Tyler Kirkham

    In a world overrun with monsters,  only Bloodshot can end Hell on Earth!
    What does the gripping conclusion of “BURNED” mean for the future of Bloodshot?

  • ‘Better than Batman’ part two! Nightwing and his new mentor Raptor embark on their first assignment for the Parliament of Owls. Will Raptor prove himself a superior mentor for Nightwing? Or will they both fall prey to the fangs of Kobra?

    Ivan Reis Variant Cover

  • NEW ONGOING SERIES! Escape from Riverdale, Part 4 [of 5]: With two more members of our beloved gang infected by the dreadful zombie-virus, Riverdale’s one sanctuary-Lodge Mansion-has been compromised. The kids are left to make a significant decision-do they stay and fight or flee the only town they’ve ever known? Meanwhile, Archie makes a horrific discovery in his own home, one that may cost him his life! It’s red-headed teen versus gruesomely undead canine in the latest chapter of this ground-breaking TEEN + series! Definitely NOT for all ages!

    Tim Seeley Variant Cover

  • General Cale discovers that you can’t keep a good soul down as body-hopping ghosts are unleashed. And Em must save her sister from the blade of Weaver Fanny!

  • An excellent jumping on point issue, focusing on Dana Cypress…sister, daughter, mother…and revenge-seeking cop with blood on her hands.


    An excellent jumping-on-point issue, focusing on Em Cypress…sister, daughter, mother…reviver.


    Tensions rise as sisters Em and Dana face off over Blaine Abel, and General Cale tries to solve the mystery of the ‘Creeps,’ with horrific consequences.

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