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Travis Charest

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  • (W) Nevio Zaccara, Jim Aparo, Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, Ed Brubaker, Curt Swan, Cullen Bunn, Ed McGuinness (A) Howard Chaykin, Paul Grist, Jason Latour, Mike Deodato, Paul Azaceta (A/CA) Travis Charest
    It’s the 70th Anniversary of Captain America’s debut and we’re celebrating by beginning a bold new direction.  A double-size main story by award-winning writer Ed Brubaker sees Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes both struggling with the shocking ramifications of the Trial of Captain America and what comes next!  A forgotten portrait of Captain America, painted in the waning days of World War II, brings up nearly forgotten memories of those turbulent and frightening years for Steve Rogers-memories of yearning, of loss and of innocence betrayed, brought to you by legendary writer/artist Howard Chaykin. Captain America falls under the vampiric Baron Blood’s spell in an untold tale of the Invaders! Plus: Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier, and the Secret Avengers investigate a modern day Hitler!
  • At last, it’s time for Laura’s story. The detective following Rorschach’s trail turns his eyes toward the vigilante’s female companion. Who is behind that domino mask, and what led her to team up with an old comic book creator to try to assassinate a controversial presidential candidate? These are the threads the detective must unravel – and they lead him to a circus side show and the strong man she once convinced to kill for her.

    Travis Charest Variant Cover

Showing all 2 results


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