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Valentine De Landro

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  • (W) Marc Deschamps, Sara Woolley, Vita Ayala (A) Mindy Lee, Sara Woolley, Rossi Gifford (CA) Valentine De Landro

    DeCONNICK & DE LANDRO PRESENT: THE TRIPLE FEATURE! A badass bevy of killer creatives storm the stage…! This month’s issue takes on sports culture, cosmetic surgery, and censorship…plus your regularly scheduled backmatter. 100% Grade-A satire. Ground to the bone.

  • (W) Che Grayson, Danielle Henderson, Jordan Clark (A) Sharon de la Cruz, Ted Brandt, Ro Stein, Naomi Franquiz (CA) Valentine De Landro

    DECONNICK & DE LANDRO PRESENT: The Triple Feature!
    Patriarchy beware…this sci-fi kidney punch can’t be stopped!
    Return to BITCH PLANET for more tales from a world gone upside down…that might just be around the corner…
    Plus all the backmatter you can handle!
    100 percent Grade A satire. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies.

  • Worlds are colliding! Journey through Marvel’s multiverse: Old Man Logan! The Ultimate Universe’s Spider-Man (Miles Morales)! The Age of Ultron! Weirdworld! The Spider-Verse event! The Age of Apocalypse’s Nightcrawler! Plus: profiles of the characters and events at the core of the Secret Wars: the Incursions of Earths, Namor’s Cabal, the Future Foundation kids and more! Also featuring key participants in previous Secret Wars: Volcana (Marsha Rosenberg), Thunderball (Eliot Franklin), the healer Zsaji, the Dark Elf Kurse, original Battleworld refugee Puff the dragon, and the Secret Wars II event itself! And because we love you: the Pet Avengers’ Throg, Lady Deadpool, Teen Hulk and Obnoxio the Clown?!


    A SECOND COMING TIE-IN! Part 3 of 3

    At last! All the members of X-Factor are reunited in this climactic, slam-bang X-plosion of a conclusion as Trask decides to take matters into his own hands and personally direct the forces of the Mutant Response Division into a full blown war against everyone’s favourite mutant detective team!

Showing all 4 results


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