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Coffee & Heroes is a Comic Book Store and Coffee Shop established in Belfast since 2017.  It is the creation of Alan Taylor and Victoria Beechener, a couple who love the artform and its many facets.  They came from a background in hospitality, and the idea for C & H came from picking up pull lists on a Wednesday and then going to a local coffee shop to read them.  You would often get looks from other people and you just knew they were thinking – ‘Grown Ups reading Funny Books?’

Well, we wanted to create an environment that both welcomed everything about Geek Culture and actively embraced and encouraged it.  You could come to our store for a Coffee and a chat, or to pick up the latest single-issue releases, graphic novels and merchandise.  You could set up a Pull List so you never missed another issue.  No geeky subject was off the table for conversation, and no noses turned up for whatever your fandom was.

Our community grew, and we were able to double in size within a year.  This meant more space for customers to sit and relax in, more stock getting added to the shelves, and the accumulation of Northern Ireland’s largest selection of back issues, and specialised Graphic Novels.

We wanted to continue to do more, so we set up the Coffee & Heroes Podcast, and have released consistent content for years now.  Embracing subjects such as Comic Reviews, Movie Reviews, Starting Points for customers and previewing upcoming titles, our fanbase has grown and proven a useful resource for those new to Comics.

This has led to the formation of the Coffee & Heroes YouTube show, where we can showcase new products for the store and also keep you up to date on news from the world of Comics, TV and movies.  And maybe even the world of videogames……

And now a Website.  We want to offer not just an online store, but an online version of the Community aspect of the store.  We want there to be articles, reviews, discussion points and everything in between.

So, we hope that if you can’t travel to us in person, that this website at least allows you join our community, and be an active part of it.

Everyone is welcome.

Alan & Vicki, July 2020

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