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Francisco Herrera

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  • (W) Ford Lytle Gilmore (A) Francisco Herrera (CA) Ed McGuinness

    Written by Ford Lytle Gilmore;
    ART by Francisco Herrera and Carlos Cuevas;
    COVER by Ed McGuinness and Jason Martin;
    COVER by Joe Madueira
    Retro-solicited; in stores October 30.  Thundercats action in the classic style continues as Lion-O leads an expedition to acquire needed Thundrillium supplies from the Caverns of the Moon – and the Lunataks take advantage of their absence to attack the Cat’s Lair!  Low on Thundrillium to power weapons, with most of their strongest warriors away, how will those left behind in New Thundera survive?  And will whoever’s in that approaching refugee ship really change the lives of the Thundercats forever?  Note: This issue will ship with two covers.  All orders will be filled with covers by Ed McGuinness & Jason Martin (50%) and Joe Madueira (50%).  This is a resolicitation.  All previous orders have been cancelled.
    FC, 32 pg.  (3 of 5)


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