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  • – The Shade learns the truth behind his family’s plot to kill him! – His powers cancelled out, held captive by an ancient cult, the Shade must devise a way to escape and prevent a terrorist attack!

  • Cover by FRAZER IRVING

    How is it possible to defeat someone who claims to see every moment of the future and plans for every eventuality? Unless David Kim and Annie Palmer can find an answer to this deadly puzzle, their lives – and the Ninth Stronghold – will be lost forever. RATED T

  • With the aid of new allies, David Kim and his companions prepare to infiltrate the Ninth Stronghold and attempt to wrest its control from Roland Finch. But Finch has other ideas, and he’ll be more than prepared when they arrive! RATED T

  • David Kim has a choice: Join his companions in battle against a horde of murderous creatures or abandon them to their fates while he sets off alone to tackle escaped killer James Church. Plus: Nuns with guns!

  • Written by JOHN ROZUM / Art and cover by FRAZER IRVING

    You can’t keep a good XOMBI down! The immortal David Kim – kept ‘alive’ by nanotech enhancements – returns to the DC Universe in a new ongoing series! Creator John Rozum and hot BATMAN AND ROBIN artist Frazer Irving team up to deliver the finest in contemporary urban horror – with a Super Hero twist! As an undying, unchanging Xombi, David Kim must watch the world consume itself and burn while humanity grows more distant from each other due to the rise of technology. What would a Xombi do just to feel change again? And where will he ever be able to find a kindred soul?

  • – SHIELD has a new agent and she’s a fan favorite mutant? – Cyclops loses full control of his powers on the streets of Los Angeles.

  • – Dormammu’s machinations have pulled all of the UNCANNY X-MEN into the hellish dimension LIMBO! – Can Magik match the evil demon’s lord’s sorcery? Is she even on the X-Men’s side anymore?

    Ronnie Del Carmen Variant
    Wolverine Through The Ages

  • – The Uncanny X-Men face evil sorcerer DORMAMMU! Don’t miss this new take on the evil sorcerer demon courtesy of Bendis and Irving. – Discover the secrets Magik has been hiding since the Phoenix Force left her in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN.

  • – FRAZER IRVING (Batman and Robin) joins the creative team of UNCANNY X-MEN! – Learn what it’s like to be a student at Cyclops’ new school.

    Ed McGuinness Variant

  • – FRAZER IRVING (Batman and Robin) joins the creative team of UNCANNY X-MEN! – Learn what it’s like to be a student at Cyclops’ new school.

  • DROWNED EARTH part three! It’s Batman, in a full-body cast, versus the Legion of Doom! Get a ringside seat for the craziest fight in comics as a bedridden Batman battles The Joker, Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd and Sinestro! Meanwhile, Aquaman locks tridents with Poseidon and Mera discovers an ancient secret that could change the fate of Atlantis-and the entire Earth-forever!

  • (W) China Mieville. (A) Mateus Santolouco, Liam Sharp, Jock, Brendan McCarthy, Emma Rios, Jeff Lemire, Frazer Irving, David Lapham, Carla Berrocal, Riccardo Burchielli, Tula Lotay, Marley Zarcone, Emi Lenox, Carmen Carnero, Slone Leong, Kelsey Wroten, Michelle Farran, Annie Wu, Alberto Ponticelli, Dan Green. (CA) Brian Bolland.

    You can’t stop dialing! In a special VILLAINS MONTH coda to the fan-favorite DIAL H series, a lost E-dial is discovered by four young criminals on the run in Littleville. But who is chasing them? And will they figure out how to control this nefarious dial before it’s too late? Hindsight is twenty-twenty when you’re sprinting through dark alleys!

  • The final chapter of the epic Annihilator saga! Ray may be on the run with a creation of his own imagination, but the danger they face is all too real. Galactic fugitive Max Nomax brings the wrath of an almighty cosmic enforcer crashing down on them. All will be revealed as the darkest secrets of Nomax’s past finally come to light. With death looming large, can Ray survive long enough to save the universe – or will he completely lose his mind?

  • In the penultimate issue, the secrets of the universe are revealed as the true nature of Nomax’s crimes come to light – is this galactic revolutionary really a devil in disguise? With Ray on the brink of death, our not-quite-heroes spin wildly toward the center of the black hole, powerless to escape the all-consuming forces of fate! From the mind of Grant Morrison, Annihilator features art from Frazer Irving.

  • Ray Spass’ life was a complete mess – a crumbling screenwriting career, a failed love life, an inoperable brain tumor – but that was before his screenplay’s fictional hero, deep-space fugitive Max Nomax, showed up in real life, insisting that his tumor contains a universe of secrets. Now, the only way for Ray to save his own life (and our existence) is to extract the information, one chapter at a time. Partnering with his fictional creation, Ray drags his ex, Luna, into their vortex of chaos. As the group faces an unexpected monster, Nomax makes a shocking revelation that endangers everyone involved.

  • Ray Spass’ life was a complete mess – a crumbling screenwriting career, a failed love, an inoperable brain tumor – but that was before the fictional hero of his screenplay, Max Nomax, showed up in real life, insisting that his tumor is a data bullet containing the secrets of Nomax’s past. Hunted by the most deadly super-villain in the galaxy, Spass begins uncovering Nomax’s twisted life story in an effort to shrink the tumor before it kills him. But as Spass dives deeper into the madness that surrounds Nomax, he finds that our semi-fictional hero is not all he appears to be!

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