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John Byrne

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  • “Minutemen in Black”, part 1

    A spaceship crashes into a separatist camp and manages to reanimate the dead as well! It’s aliens vs. zombies vs. militiamen in a carnage-filled tale from the co-creator of Zombies vs Robots!

    Variant John Byrne Subscription Cover

  • John Byrne (w & a & c)

    Former MI-6 agent Michael Swann is in Russia, working against time to prevent the Soviets from gaining nuclear dominion over the planet. But what he doesn’t know is that he may already be too late! John Byrne’s latest creation concludes its initial storyline, ‘The Damocles Contract,’ here! Hopefully Swann survives to fight another day, but that remains to be seen?

  • Former MI6 agent Michael Swann is racing against time to prevent nuclear dominion over the planet from falling into Soviet hands. Which is harder than it looks while preventing his own death aboard a train speeding across Europe in the dead of winter! The penultimate issue of ‘The Damocles Contract’ rolls toward an explosive conclusion!

  • John Byrne (w & a & c)

    Acclaimed creator John Byrne releases his latest creation, MI-6 agent Michael Swann. In Swann’s opening 4-part adventure, ‘The Damoclese Contract,’ the secret agent is called on to stop a defecting British scientist from granting the Soviets complete nuclear dominion over the free world?

Showing all 4 results


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