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Nancy Butler

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  • Written by NANCY BUTLER Pencils & Cover by SONNY LIEW

    After their trip to London proves a positive disaster, the defeated Dashwood daughters forge their way home to Barton. And when a broken heart pushes fragile Marianne over the edge, it’s beyond even her sister Elinor’s means to help her. But can the shocking revelations of a surprise gentleman caller prove Marianne’s salvation? Find out in the fantastic final chapter of Jane Austen’s beloved masterpiece!

  • Written by NANCY BUTLER Pencils & Cover by SONNY LIEW

    The adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic saga continues! As the Dashwoods settle into their new cottage, they’re introduced to the distinguished Major Brandon. Will Marianne realize Brandon’s affection for her? or will she be too distracted by the dashing Willoughly?

Showing all 2 results


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