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  • (W) Shane Davis (A/CA) Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, Morry Hollowell

    END GAME: With the truth revealed about DOG, Morn and Rayne find themselves pitted against the disillusioned Ruin, as the R.U.N. nukes rapidly approach American soil.

  • (W) Shane Davis (A/CA) Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki

    Everything is RUIN.

  • (W) Shane Davis (A/CA) Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki

    The virtual world, Axcend, continues to spill out into reality. We follow fiery pop star, Rain, as she is the next player to activate. Rain and the mysterious A.I. DOG must enlist the help of gamer, Eric Morn, to get to Ruin before he activates into a catastrophic rampage. Can the trio reconcile their differences in time to save our world?

    Major Plot Point:
    We follow Rain into the life and death of a pop star.

  • (W) Shane Davis (A) Morry Hollowell, Michelle Delecki (A/CA) Shane Davis

    Superman Earth One c o-creator SHANE DAVIS returns to comics for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! What happens when a video game decides to come to our reality to play? When there are no extra lives, and Armageddon looms on the horizon, when your life revolves around gaming like teenager Eric Morn, you Press Start.

    Writer/artist SHANE DAVIS (Superman: Earth One), MICHELLE DELECKI (JLA,Venom) and MORRY HOLLOWELL (Civil War, Old Man Logan) bring you  an epic sci-fi/thriller that’s like Tron meets Inception with a cheat code! This s pecial introductory issue features 28 full pages and no ads! Each issue of the series will feature a VS. linking cover variant by  DAVIS showcasing the book’s cast.

  • (W) Bryan Hill (A) Gleb Melnikov

    Batman is going to push the Outsiders to their absolute limits in order for them to stop Ra’s al Ghul once and for all. He’ll force them all to use their powers in ways they never imagined and possibly push them over the edge in the process! Batman and Black Lightning will need to decide who the true leader of the team is, or Ra’s’s victory will be assured!

    Shane Davis Variant Cover


Showing all 5 results


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